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ATS Stabilizer Install

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fox-ATS-Stabilizer.jpgThe 4x4Wire JK recently underwent a slight transformation - from stock to gears, lockers, and lift. That change included new (larger) tires.  And, that resulted in a “bump steer” issue that has now been corrected.

The ultimate solution is the ATS Stabilizer from Fox.  While the Fox ATS Stabilizer is designed to be a direct replacement with a factory suspension, the 4x4Wire JK does have an aftermarket suspension which does entail a little more than just bolting it on.  Installation was quick with little in the way of problems.

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Jeep - a never ending story: Tires and Wheels

Jeep - a never ending story: Tires and Wheels

So, today was the big test. After many modifications, the Lil’ Heep was ready for the big test. Or, maybe just another step in the pecking order of modifications.

To set the stage, what started as a basically stock 1994 Jeep Wrangler with over 100,000 miles had undergone numerous operations en-route to its current configuration. Now set with 4.56 gears, front and rear locker, 4 inch spring lift, 2 inch body lift, 4:1 transfer case, NV-4500 transmission, and several other after market modifications, the Lil’ Heep was set to hit the trails.

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JKS/Currie 1" Lift Motor Mount

By: Jeff Yokomura - 2/2001

Courtesy of JKS Manufacturing

This project started off like many others. "What if we could raise the engine a inch to gain some clearance and help out driveshaft angles?" Well, as it turned out it was easier said then done. The only one inch lift engine mounts on the market are for 4.0L YJ's and TJ's.

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YJ Fuel Injection Performance Kit

K&N Fuel Injection Performance KitThe box said “horsepower guaranteed”.  And, more important, it was CARB approved.  Finally, an air intake system for the pre-1997 Jeep Wrangler that was certified as emissions legal in California.  The air intake kit was K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit for the 1991-1995 Jeep Wrangler with the 4.0L engine.

Murphy (if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong) and I are old acquaintances. I figured I had an afternoon and a Jeep (Just Enough Extra Parts).  Time to find some more horsepower.

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Motor Mounts and Choices

YJ Motor MountsThere comes a time in the life of engines when items need to be replaced.  Such a time had come for my Wrangler.  It started with a little vibration under acceleration.  With over 130,000 miles, one motor mount was loose and a small leak had developed with the exhaust manifold.

The motor mount was an easy solution: after market or stock.  Actually, that provoked some discussion.  Turns out, the easy choice is not that easy.  While quality aftermarket products are available, they do come with a price.  In this case, it was about two for one.  In other words, I could get two stock motor mounts for less than the cost of one aftermarket motor mount.

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